U thot your fight with your brother was bad – check this….

In ancient Mediterranean families -the fighting btwn bros- could result in major family feuds (and not like the old TV show) for decades to come. These were blood battles worse than the Hatfields and McCoys. Think of Jacob and Esau (Gen 27) and even Joseph with his eleven brothers (Gen 27). Often these major fights were all over the family’s $$$$$$. Sharing it, spending it, inheriting it. What’s worse – division of inheritance wasn’t even consistent. Say a dad dies, in Roman law a division of inheritance was required only if both parties wanted it. Jewish laws allowed the division on the petition of a single son (see Luke 15:12). Dividing up the family’s $$ easily gave rise to these major battles.

This ancient society found a way to prevent such blood feuds by creating the role of the “mediator”. This was a highly honorable role in this culture. The mediator was a kins-person at least 5 links removed from the disputing parties. (Think we could even find such a person in our own families today?). And get this; the mediator was a person who the battling siblings were willing to listen to and even be ok with his decision as the final decision. This was usually because of the mediator’s personality, status, respect, influence or other characteristics, Guess who was the BEST MEDIATOR of all times. This Sunday (18th in ordinary time) we will be reading Luke 12:13-21. We hear of Jesus in just such a role. Imagine having Jesus as mediator when you are trying to settle major disagreements in your world. Where do you think he would stand? Till tomorrow….. Ciao


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